Masda Chemical

MASDA CHEMICAL PTE LTD since 1975 established a foothold in gaining the complete trust and confidence from its customers and overseas manufacturing principals. This stems from its aggressive energy, dedication and commitment to render the best service, reliability price competitiveness, quality control consciousness and a comprehensive chemical coverage. Most critical of all, we have built a solid reputation as a company of integrity.Customer satisfaction has always been the main objective of our company’s philosophy. This objective has led us to represent a selected group of manufacturers whose products complement those of high standard quality.

The majority of the manufacturers and trading organizations we present or are in business with are large establishments. Our business objective has always been geared towards a long-term growth complementing the mutual benefits of both parties, our principals and us.

Our manpower is the ultimate key to success. We maintain in them a sense of shared objectives through progressive employment practices that make the best use of their talents. This is reflected in our prompt and efficient service and business integrity. We stand to assist with particularly difficult problems or new product ventures. This includes immediate response to any enquiries and prompt delivery of technical literature and products.

Currently, we have sales offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand

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