Modified Tapioca Starch


Tapioca is a starch produced from the storage roots of the cassava plant, a species native to Brazil’s north and northeast areas. It’s a popular gluten-free ingredient for baked goods, especially for improving the structure and texture.

Use as a Thickener and Stabiliser

Tapioca starch is used commonly as a thickener and stabilizer in baking, frozen food, poultry, soups, and other applications in the food industry. It has excellent thickening abilities and can survive long cooking processes without breaking down. Tapioca starch also helps lighten the texture and retain moisture in gluten-free products in the absence of gluten.

Used as a Raw Material

Tapioca starch can be utilized in various industries besides food and beverage, such as the adhesive and textile industries. Tapioca starch has a strong binding capacity due to its relatively high viscosity, which allows it to remain sticky for a long time when mixed with water or chemicals, making it an ideal raw material for industrial glue. The starch is also used in yarn sizing to coat the strands to produce a shiny, smooth thread. It’s also used as a lubricant to keep single threads from disintegrating during weaving on an in-line loom.