Salt (Sodium Chloride)


What is salt?

A high-quality food preservative, used for better taste, distinct flavour coupled with nutritive value, many varieties of salt formulations. Also known as the table salt for high-quality flavouring and often used domestically. The ingredient has been refined from quality sea salt and iodized to promote good health, balanced nutrition and eliminate iodine deficiency.

For industrial use, salt products accentuated to meet varieties of need and for suitability of purposes, refined from quality sea salt, with shiny texture, microcrystalline particles, and peculiar fineness.


• Delivered in small microcrystalline particles with a pristine condition, velvety texture, shiny appearance to aid maximum satisfaction with minimal quantities, enhance dissolution and ingestion and to increase the aesthetic value
• Myriads of products, from the custom, made salt product to the industrial and domestic types with patented and peculiar characteristics in meeting the exacting and delicate needs of consumers
• Refined from high-quality brine and iodized for nutritive and enhanced value, superlative taste and lofty flavour

Application and uses

The table salt designed to meet the need for baking and cooking domestically, where it serves to flavour with distinctiveness and savour to the last bit. Adequately packaged with superior waterproof materials and concise volume to enable excellent delivery of the purified, untainted product.

The butter salt produced for industrial use where it has been extra refined having smooth, sheeny particles and soft texture for confectioneries, industrial baking, for biscuits and similar products. It is also a vital ingredient in pharmaceutical formulations. It is sufficiently ionized to deliver nourishment, adequately refined to produce the fine and extremely smooth particle size.

Supplemental salt products often used in producing animal feed across cattle, poultry and fisheries and in the seasoning industry for the production of condiments and seasoning cubes. It is Iodized (using iodide) to promote good health by reducing the chances/risks of iodine deficiency.

The non-edible salt product is used extensively in the production of cleaning agents and other cleaning abrasives also used in the oil and gas industry (exploration and production).