Natural Preservative (ACRA)


What is ARCA?

ARCA belongs to a class of natural food preservatives – food additives which help improve the shelf life of food products; Packaged or natural. The ingredient derived from the natural sources of calcium, egg, snail shells, and the likes.

ARCA is a newly developed preservative, an innovative product that has found many uses in many other sectors other than the food industry. The food ingredient is useful in preserving vegetables, fruits, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and many other packaged products—the preservative used without the fear of side effects.

According to FDA regulations, there are no restrictions on its use; as it can be consumed by everyone irrespective of religious affiliations or preferences. It is ideal for vegetarians, especially those who do not consume dairy, meat and other animal products.

How is ARCA made?

ARCA made from clean sources of natural calcium such as Eggshells. The eggs used to produce ARCA is graded into classes based on the existing purity criteria. The best product is produced from class A eggs after it has been properly milled and its calcium content concentrated.

This natural preservative is free of allergens and can be consumed without the fear of it triggering allergic reactions. Features a non-meat base which can be enjoyed by all and sundry.

The ingredient is made available in 1g and 5g packaging for low volume consumption. While for industrial purposes and bulk packing, it is made available in 1 and 2kg volumes.

Benefits of Arca

In a world filled with unnatural preservatives with the tendency to cause massive side effects and allergic reactions, ARCA is a trailblazer as it helps to fill a void left by synthetic preservatives in that, it is produced in its standard natural form. It serves as an acidity regulator which helps to extend the shelf life of food products.