What is dextrose?

Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn and one which is chemically similar to glucose. Dextrose is a staple on the baker’s shelf, but it is a sugar with the ability to save lives. Found in processed food products such as corn and food syrups and other common foods such as honey and bread. Dextrose often used to give foods longer shelf life.
Dextrose is termed a simple sugar, due to the ability of the body to metabolize it quickly and convert it to energy.
Dextrose is used in medicine to treat conditions such as dehydration, low blood sugar, and in total parenteral feeding to cope with the lack of nutrition. The intravenous sugar solution is now commonly known as a dextrose solution; as it is a mixture of dextrose and water for electrolyte replacement.

How is dextrose used?

Dextrose is used in baking; preparing cakes, candy bars, and sweeteners. Dextrose in water, (dextrose 5%) can replace lost fluids and provide useful carbohydrates to the body, commonly used in the treatment of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Apart from being used to sweeten food, the food ingredient also often used to neutralize salty or spicy foods, to make them more appealing. Some companies add dextrose to their food products to improve their shelf life. Dextrose has also found widespread use in other products such as animal feed, bath products, and many more.

Dextrose is used as a diluent to dilute potent medicines. Furthermore, it helps to lower blood potassium levels without the user becoming hypoglycemic as a result.

The benefits of dextrose

Dextrose is beneficial to bakers as it is a significant component of many confectionery products. It is a sweetener and neutralizer in many foods; dextrose can also often used to extend the shelf life of food products and commonly used to make intravenous preparations and mixtures. It is naturally dense, and it is effortless for the body to break down for the provision of energy.

It is beneficial to bodybuilders who want to increase their weight and muscle mass. Dextrose due to its simplicity is beneficial to bodybuilders as they are more successful in making fat burn faster. Dextrose is safe, portable and convenient.