Bamboo Charcoal


What is Charcoal Powder?

Activated charcoal powder is one of the most versatile, oldest natural products in the world. Since prehistoric times, commonly used to remedy digestive discomfort and poisoning, and for tooth whitening. In modern time days, its also often used as a natural ingredient in beauty products. The powder commonly used as a food ingredient as well as an effective detoxifier.

Charcoal powder is a product of burnt wood, coconut and peanut shells, and olive pits. Activated charcoal manufactured through a dual heating process known as “carbonization” or “roasting”, which activates its therapeutic potentials. Among other effects, the heating process imbues it with higher porosity, significantly expanding its absorption capacity.

The process enables the charcoal to store up more particles of gases liquids and gels without letting them breakdown its inner core structure.

How Activated Charcoal Works

Its wide range of therapeutic effects is as a result of three main characteristics: active principle, pure carbon, and a relatively large contact surface.

These characteristics empower a robust absorption mechanism that soaks up molecules such as those of impurities and dead body cells. As such, it can serve as an excellent detoxifier for the human body.

Active charcoal made from burnt coconut shells has high absorption capacity with clean-cut pores that absorb the tiniest molecules of gases and toxins. These types of charcoal power can have absorption capacities that are up to 25 times greater than the average.

The Uses of Charcoal Powder

Teeth whitening: It can capture impurities and plaque that taint teeth, improving their whiteness.

Relief for swelling and flatulence: Active charcoal solution can help remedy digestive problems such as stomach cramps, bloating, and many more. It can also help cleanse the blood of toxins generated from excessive consumption of alcohol.

Water Filtration: With its nearly impeccable absorption capacity, it can filter out toxins from water efficiently.